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Catching Mad Men Design Fever

Mad Men grips viewers around the world with its characters and storylines. But for those with an eye for art and design, the show is just as much about its visual feast of impeccably curated mid-century style. So, instead of … Continue reading

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The legacy of Coco Chanel

Harper Bazaar’s March 2013 “New Fashion Issue” starts with three full Chanel ad spreads. The models in the first wear white dresses embroidered with bright, spring-hued flowers; in the second, their geometric black-and-white dresses are accessorized with high-heel renditions of … Continue reading

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Ahead of their time: the Shakers and their extraordinarily modern design

“Regularity is beautiful.” “There is great beauty in harmony.” “All beauty that has no foundation in use soon grows distasteful and needs continuous replacement with something new.” These could be the mantras of a mid-century modern advocate, a contemporary Scandinavian … Continue reading

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The captivating, complex story of Charles and Ray Eames – on film

If you appreciate modern design, chances are you are also familiar with some of the iconic furniture created by Charles and Ray Eames – the American husband-and-wife team (sometimes mistaken for brothers) widely recognized for their impact on modern architecture and … Continue reading

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The art of glass: an ancient tradition with modern appeal

When winter wipes out colour, we can escape the monochrome within our homes through art and design. And what better way to invite colour and light in than with art glass? In recent years, glass artwork has been steadily gaining … Continue reading

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Get Bonded: living in 007’s world

The world’s most iconic movie brand is having a big year. The James Bond film franchise, which began in 1962 with Dr. No, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. And the 23th Bond film, Skyfall, just broke the Bond opening weekend record. But … Continue reading

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Erase it – or sell it for a fortune? The paradox that is street art.

In 1995, New York City’s Mayor Rudolph Giuliani (a democrat-turned-republican) set up an Anti-Graffiti Task Force, a major initiative that required, for instance, stripping graffiti off subway cars every night until the culprits gave up. So there was a touch … Continue reading

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Finn-spired design: a brief survey of innovation

This year, as Helsinki celebrates its bicentennial as Finland’s capital – and its status as World Design Capital 2012  – we can’t resist the urge to contemplate and enjoy the diverse, innovative, and colorful universe of Finnish style. The Design … Continue reading

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Expanding Every Day: The Universal Art Growth Trend

Take two widely accepted notions: 1) The universe hasn’t stopped expanding since the Big Bang. 2) Art imitates life. The link? Judging by the state of affairs in the art world, it seems art follows the same principles of physics … Continue reading

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Outdoor decor

Unfortunately for many of us, summer is quite a fleeting thing. So it’s no wonder that our outdoor decorating efforts can be a bit of an afterthought compared with our dedication to our indoor spaces. What’s more, it can be … Continue reading

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